adidas August Ultra BOOST will continue to ignite boom, 8/12 released a new and 6 colorful colors, including black, yellow, red, pink firefly, will once again cause the running wave. Ultra BOOST for the perfection of technology and avant-garde appearance combination, compared to Energy BOOST more than 20% BOOST in base material, the energy feedback jumped to another level; PRIMEKNIT upper with mixed color weave design, rich and varied interpretations are running style, just launch that was all the fashion favorite. Ultra BOOST at the beginning of the month following the publication of silver in sales in a single day after an empty, the all-new 6 colorful color from 8/12 onwards released, not to be missed. is now in my own or urban people well, a lot of people actually have to escape the real demand, a model of Retro jordans for sale the switch, the party is a way of going outside is a way, in fact are temporary to escape the crowded urban environment, I feel that outdoor escape from reality a greater impact, also can be strong heart, fitness for all ages has naturally become the primary urban outdoor leisure options to relax. three years ago, I personally conquered the first hundred Yue, when it gave me a lot of impact, outdoor entertainment than the general situation, I feel more sense of belonging. was in the laws of nature, and the nature of these same students, also live on the nature of the animal, so in fact, when you get back to that place, no matter how you hate the outdoors, you still feel occasionally come out good, not to mention we are to a very deep completely, to experience the original natural wilderness mountains inside cheap jordans for sale mens . more than 10 years ago, the Internet is not developed, unlike now various categories of sites. The information platform was able to provide shoes less and less, and is one of the pioneers in this field, through the Ernest Kim (or Professor K, is also currently the familiar Nike footwear creative director) created. With unique and innovative ways to describe the judge a pair of shoes, but his great deeds and not only that, you ever thought that we now see in the test direction of shoes assessment in support, including, shock absorbers, comfort and so on nouns is how to appear? Yes, the same format with reference to the original Professor plate model is established by K, was later extended development, unfortunately, announced the closure in 2004, into history. Professor K was res cheap foamposites pected by many geological shoe, because he shoes this area into a quite a number of innovative elements, lay the foundation for the development of the day after, perhaps because too many people heard the voice, or his own inner expectations, the day before Professor K personally announced a good he will take a news website to restart, although the first show will not reproduce all the classification or the new article, but will rearrange the past written articles will be engraved in the head, probably because of changes of the factors of each adjustment, and continued to publish his ideas with you, share some experience in recent years. source: / Sneaker Newsadidas recently in the global new shoes always set off high attention, especially the brand quite proud of the BOOST in the Cheap air jordans for sale bottom and PRIMKNIT weaving method, the combination of the above two material properties, will launch a new masterpiece -PureBOOST ZG Prime, a new collocation shoe body design, March 18th will be officially on sale in taiwan. The new ZG Zero on behalf of the "Gravity", directly feel the new message in BOOST, and the solid bottom bottom, create zero gravity shock feeling, the shoes have not in the past fixed design body plus the ribbon extending around at the instep, with laces as fixed, providing better protection and coating, and improve wear and exercise sustained comfort. The also launched a shoe size, to meet the different size requirements, detailed information please contact the adidas shop sale customer service hotline: (02) 2509-5900; or Adidas running fans. adidas PureBOOST ZG PRIME male models, su Retro jordans for sale ggested price NT$4590 model: AQ6761 model: AQ6763 model: AQ6762 adidas PureBOOST ZG PRIME female models, suggested price NT$4590 model: AQ2930 model: AQ6770 model: AQ6771Remember last year, Damian Lillard visit to Taiwan for the adidas 101 stadium show rap skills, let the scene all the fans to see the other side of him outside of basketball, he also said that music is his life the most important part in the music creation, not only the real reflection of his life experience, more cross into the shoes. The Dame adidas Basketball released earlier 3 "Legacy", the inspiration is taken from his debut album "The Letter O" rap among the seventh Songs: "Legacy", which extends from the lyrics of belief in efforts and challenges for life goals into the origin of Oakland, his growth environment is not good a condition i cheap jordans for sale s not top, but he did not give up, but on the basketball to the world from home, Lillard for basketball love and work attitude is also worthy of everyone to follow. the United States is expected to launch in March 17th, priced at $115, the Taiwan area if there is any relevant information we will sell as soon as possible to share in the station reporting to you listed. source: adidas / Sole Collectoradidas J Wall 2 "Aurora Borealis" color also recently officially open, try Adidas this year for a star series of styles do quite fresh, not only the design of ink in color on the surface, it also provides you with performance more choice; while J Wall 2 star game because the design team will shoe material relationship structure made a little change, the new open heel stable sheet provides protection and adding Joh cheap jordan shoes for men n Wall exclusive Logo, and other common version is not the same. adidas J Wall 2 'Aurora Borealis' is expected to be released on January 21st in foreign countries. source: adidasAir Jordan 11 Retro this week will be in the shop selling point, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, part of the store should be in the first vote tomorrow to sign, please be sure to pay attention to the actual way of selling, please refer to the store transaction mechanism and location announcement. Sales information will be updated to 12/19 PM 24:00. more pictures can be referred to: reconnaissance visitors / Air Jordan 11, Legend Blue, Wuchang 23 A Far Eastern Department sports Bao Jin Heng Harlem Yu sports sports square LeBron Soldier 9 from the start of the su Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping mmer holidays can now be said to be wantonly attack, rich and varied color also makes the shoe makers have more exploration to the selectivity, to introduce the protagonist even let foreign websites known as' Miami Heat ', might as well imagine in your mind after wearing it really is with Miami home court it is a shirt (laughs). But according to the color collocation, but Xiaobian think is in the previous generation of shoes appeared in "Fairfax", a series of special editions not through the normal pipeline sale is from a high school sponsored by LeBron in James. The blocks are full of armor and shoes, the integrity of the overall tone of an easy job to do to make more full, in the bottom of the Swoosh Logo using visual embellishment for ink, and enrich the overall level of detail. source: FootSellin the first Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping half of this year, the city's industrial and commercial bureau 12315 complaints reporting command received a total of 193 complaints, communications, clothing, footwear is a hot complaint. (Editor: admin)Nike this fall will be a new color for our new Kyrie 2, Hot Lava color of this classic design is made to the whole body of the shoe is composed by black color, with white Swoosh in the end, while the iconic band and in on the bottom with red ink decoration. nike-kyrie-2-hot-lava.jpg (319.38 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kyrie 2 Hot Lava 2016-8-17 08:30 Nike upload, the autumn theme by Tony in the 00 generation 2016-8-17 08:30Beijing time at 0 points in June 26th, Nike basketball officially released in Washington Kevin · Durant seventh generation basketball shoes. Durant and Nike designers Z cheap jordans online hang Chuanxi Leo Chang after 18 months of close cooperation, and finally bring the long-awaited kd7, kd7 the launch, not only combines the leading performance innovation, and integrated into a rich story of the Durant personal interest. In order to let everyone be able to witness the grand release of KD7, we will take you for the first time to understand the design inspiration and innovation of KD7 technology. design inspiration: lightning strike Durant was determined to become a meteorologist, launched in 2011 kd4 weatherman color design is the first time to reflect the inspiration. The theme in the KD series of fifth and sixth generation signature sneakers continue to be inherited, and further reflected in the KD7. design innovation: the performance of the fusion Leo's performance goal for KD7 is to provide Durant with the speed and flexibility required to point guard, while providing stability and support for the big forward. Leo the seamless front foot mesh, dynamic fly by wire technology, and nike zoom, the "best of both worlds" design challenges. The transition in the design of foot binding between the forefoot and heel. Designers will also combine the heel of Hyperposite support with a newly developed visual nike zoom air cushion, for the shoes to provide responsive cushioning. Hyperposite was for the first time used in Durant's signature shoe, the MVP continuous refinement of the inside shot mobile and rebounding provides good support. Hyperposite's unique appearance from the initial Foamposite improvement, but also for Durant's hometown of Maryland tribute. Durant's hometown is called DMV-DC- Maryland (Maryland) - Virginia (Virginia). Since 1997, Foamposite Air Foamposite One through Nike debut, Maryland people have been on the Foamposite for twenty years. /〉97 years of classic retro running shoes Nike Spiridon ushered in the Zoom again to return to the shelves of the opportunity, and the brand is also a release of a new design. The new wine red shoe body color, complemented by black shoes and Swoosh decorative lines outline the flanks, finally equipped with white and red outer bottom corrosion epicenter echoes with the body of the shoe bottom show. item: 876267-600Price: nike-zoom-spiridon-ultra-team-red-876267-600.jpg (235.63 KB, download number: 26) download Nike Zoom Spiridon Ultra Team Red 2017-4-3 08:29 upload nike-zoom-spiridon-ultra-team-red-876267-600-2.jpg (414.15 KB, download number: 24) download Nike Zoom Spiridon Ultra Team Red 2017-4-3 08:29 upload nike-zoom-spiridon-ultra-team-red-876267-600-3.jpg (156.07 KB, download number: 24) download Nike Zoom Spiridon Ultra Team Red 2017-4-3 08:29 upload nike-zoom-spiridon-ultra-team-red-876267-600-1.jpg (206.38 KB, download number: 23) download Nike Zoom Spiridon Ultra Team Red 2017-4-3 08:29 upload nike-zoom-spiridon-ultra-team-red-876267-600-4.jpg (185.9 KB, download number: 23) download Nike Zoom Spiridon Ultra Team Red 2017-4-3 08:29 Nike Zoom S0 upload.14048761878437.jpg (67.92 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski " Tie-Dye" 2014-7-9 13:41 upload 14048761878754.jpg (69.7 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski " Tie-Dye" 2014-7-9 13:41 Nike SB Zoom Stefan upload , Janoski, Tie-Dye 00