Improvement of miadidas will be more and more open style customization channel, in order to celebrate the New York new flagship store opening Adidas's ultra popular shoes Ultra Boost also will be the first landing miadidas platform. This custom options include a vamp, three stripes, and shoe outsole and heel support and other details, and on the tongue and three stripes also includes 3M reflective material of black and white two color. Interested friends may wish to lock in Dec cheap foamposites ember 1st formally launched, the domestic players may also have to wait a little more. adidas-mi-ultraboost-review-1.jpg (115.5 KB, download times: 6) download attachment miadidas is about to open Ultra Boost custom channel 2016-11-30 22:22 upload , miadidas, Adidas, Ultra, Boost, shoes custom 00 competency model shoe sales channels sequence is divided into two modules, namely the sequence of personnel should have basic skills and professional competence. The basic abil Cheap air jordans for sale ity of footwear sales channels can be regarded as the general sequence of the core competence of the sequence, the general core competence can include: communication skills logical analysis ability of to promote the coordination ability of private governance expert Zeng Shuiliang think, footwear sales channels sequence personnel must also have some professional competence, the professional competence includes different aspects of professional competen Retro jordans for sale ce: market information analysis: product knowledge channel planning and construction capacity: channel management support: marketing planning implementation capacity: sales of core competence 1. communication skills love to communicate with others, even in the face of unfamiliar places or the audience quite a lot, still not afraid of public communication scenes, and showed enough confidence; ; recording, repeat and cheap jordans for sale confirm their important information with others / customer communication; good use of written expression, for others / customers with the point of view is clear, clear, simple presentation materials, such as: product / solution introduction materials and professional documents; as a representative of the company, can use oral Chen) to celebrate the classic science fiction film "back to the future" the 30th anniversary of the release, and Sina host Bobby hundreds f Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping avorite movie, popular street brand the hundreds special to film in the shape and character of retro elements for inspiration, bring new "back to the hundreds" don't note series. In order to make items more fit in the film scene, the hundreds team also came to Universal Studios filming, and the most absorbing eyeball time machine, Nike MAG and as far as the HoverBoard and other props also have appeared. As for a single product, in addition to Marty McFly's trademark red waistco Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping at, denim shirt and jeans washing, new series also brought coach jacket, printed T-shirt and snapback hats styles such as a variety of styles, brand of the latest research and development of nano coat nanotechnology collocation, for single product adds a bit edgy and Science fiction sense. It is reported that the new series will be on sale in the Hundreds The limited edition in October 21st, like the friend must not be missed! source: HYPEBEASTWant from "STAR WARS" movie recogn cheap jordans online ize the familiar role of the image, which is easy for Star Wars fans, each specific role are wearing identification of high fashion, from classic Japanese samurai robes and attire to plus body armor, can allow fans to easily identify. But this is different, because everybody will be familiar with the role of transformed cells forming all change of style and fashion Icons. Weapons and equipment is still in our hands, but clothing and footwear foot body has replaced the Supreme, cheap jordan shoes for men Rick Owens, UNDERCOVER, Carhartt, Marcelo Burlon and COMME des GAR & Ccedil; ONS other well-known brands of products, do people in front of a bright., autumn and winter is coming, many women prone to winter cold hands and feet, many physical weakness, so don't high intensity exercise, should choose to make the body sufficient fever can exercise the muscles of anaerobic exercise, this is to recommend four anaerobic exercise, at home can do movement not only fitness more warm up. Retro jordans for sale 1. dumbbell exercise action Essentials: single hand holding a bottle filled with water, mineral water, or 1 to 3 kg weight dumbbell, elbow bent at a right angle to the, mineral level held in front of the body to lay down, repeat at least 20 times, the faster, the better the effect. holding a small dumbbell to do weight loss exercise, can improve the body's protein synthesis, increase the amount of muscle, improve the basic metabolism. Like the dumbbell exercises, the principl cheap jordans for sale mens e is that by applying a load to the muscles to achieve the effect of exercise. 2. squat action Essentials: back to stand straight, feet about shoulder width, hands behind the neck. Hold your breath, squat down slowly, the best time to squat up to 10~30 seconds, speed as slow as possible. Then in the same way slowly stood up, repeat the squat and stand up at least 10~15 times, adjust the breath to rest. note: if the leg is not enough, try to squat to squat posture, then slowly stand up action can be repeated. 3. flat support action Essentials: stomach, elbows bent supporting on the ground, shoulders and elbow vertical to the ground, feet on the ground, the body off the ground, Boshi Nobunao, head, shoulder, hip and ankle to keep in the same plane, tighten the abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscle tightened, lengthen the spine, eyes see toward the ground, keep breathing evenly. each group to maintain 60 seconds, each training 4 groups, between the group and the group of no more than 20 seconds. 4. abdominal Essentials: flat crunches, lying on the ground, knees bent, 90 feet flat on the ground. Hands crossed on the chest or placed in both ears, heavy shoulder abdomen, chin slightly tucked in, on between the shoulder blades off the ground, a waist fixing, down to the scapular bone paste on the ground, to exhale, inhale down, up and down for the time, a group of 20. difficult to adhere to the beginning, must not be lazy, to be strictly in accordance with the requirements of action, even if the half-way stop slightly. Each stage of the action to be skilled from unfamiliar, about one and a half months down, the abdomen will become quite compact. tips: anaerobic exercise can also train our fitness, reached in the shortest time and normal exercise, so the physical quality requirements are high, practice should step by step, slowly improve exercise efficiency, so as to avoid injury. source: 39 Health Network