Nike Lunar Force 1 new color release 2013-12-08 22:42:44 before, we reported for you the latest hybrid shoes Nike Lunar Force 1 white color match will be officially launched in December 12 news in the world. Immediately after, this will soon open a new chapter of Air Force mixed shoes, and released a new pair of colors. The color is based on the key color of blue, with white Swoosh and gray bottom. It is reporte Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping d that this pair of Nike Lunar Force 1 will be sold to the public in December 15th, do not want to start all white color friends may wish to refer to.The day before, Saucony and Bodega are the name again. With 5000 Shadow shoes to create a new blueprint for the design of the "Re-Issue" joint series. The series includes: red, blue color, each pair of shoes with suede leather material and lining to build, design i cheap jordan shoes for men s simple and elegant color vamp with rubber outsole, collocation, injecting a trend breath for shoes. The series will be officially released on January 9th, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. to excellent custom of ancient with and people know Boston artist pat Peltier and personal brand BANDULU recently and converse's high-end line first string together bring a joint Chuck Taylor All Star '70 s Retro jordans for sale eries. Two pairs of black and white color were a continuation of the classic material settings, Peltier handmade on the vamp create such as ink like embroidery details and ink extends to the sulfide in the bottom of the above, given the shoes a strong artistic atmosphere. 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NIKE Air Jordan 4 AJ4 you may not know, b Retro jordans for sale ut you have seen this pair of shoes "does not mean that AJ is not a fake, but the four generation in AJ is definitely fake big brother there. small series do not know what time AJ started entering the public view, whether male or female, whether you couldn't play basketball to watch NBA, you can even even Michael Jordan do not know, but you can not know AJ. in AJ4, the most popular are "fear" and "DB" color, cheap jordans online Mandaijie lovers wearing four generation people almost fatigued, as the saying goes "no girlfriend, no AJ Adidas NMDThis pair of do not believe Xiaobian introduce too much, after all, a train can see three people in shoes, really do not have words to the extent of popular too much description. every street, every car, every bit of the air seemed to be red and blue, oppressed me I want to let Adidas say "th cheap jordans for sale is time, as you like" series "NIKE X Adidas the rest of life" joint cooperation shoes at Adidas yeezy 350 yes it is Adidas, Kanye's influence how amazing, from this pair of shoes can be seen. billiards billiards (also called Guangdong called) and a pool (Taiwan called), is a widely popular in the international elegant indoor sports, is a club on the stage, hitting the game winning score is determined by com cheap foamposites putation of indoor sports entertainment. play billiards and other ball play different, pay attention to "walk". So learn to play billiards club must first know how to play the ball, playing different parts, ball rotation will produce what kind of change, when the active passive target ball hit the cue ball, two ball will produce rotation changes and moving to what. Therefore, for many people, it is difficult to play billiards. now, the difficult sport becomes in front of AR technology very easy, the Portuguese team developed a product called "Pool Live Aid" AR billiards auxiliary system, let the novice minutes become master of billiards. "Pool Live Aid" as a "bubble" games, the line of sight to the projection directly projected on the desktop, showing the range of ball trajectory when the ball, and the impact of the track changes. "Pool Live Aid" can also according to different position, change the path of the ball in real time. "Pool Live Aid", mother don't have to worry about me not playing billiards! This technology will not appear in the professional arena, the duel between the master by the real skill. The author believes that the "Pool Live Aid" is more suitable for novice entertainment, for the current line shop is also very appropriate, without learning, let the guests a short time to get started, second snooker masters, feeling a Taiwan - Ching, very enjoyable. the AR original article, please indicate the source. from VR to AR, industry information, product evaluation, application experience, depth review, let "AR" tell you what is the future!all will soon be on sale, please pay attention to our latest news.