this yesterday released the air Pippen VI again today debut has been officially named as the "bull" color, pure leather upper is the main presentation on the 90's shoes, and mini Swoosh although than now motionless on the identity of the gigantic, but was still able to perfect embodiment of identity. There is no shoes sale information release, please pay attention to our follow-up reports. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunk cheap jordan shoes for men home and extra welfare wayward send. source: sneakernewsrecently, UCC sports bike announced the launch of its new bike coating upgrade technology - PORT particle optical reflective technology, and will be in the new year products across the board to apply this technology. This is in the world first across the board bicycle product application and reflecting technology brands, "gum" Taiwan, one of the top three UCC again in technology update level have the new breakthrough. The 's main particle optical reflective technology UCC, will be like this as shinePORT, new technology to improve the safety cheap jordans for sale mens of riding at night PORT particle optics reflective technology referred to, the technology is UCC in order to improve the riders night riding safety and ingenuity of a reflective coating technology. In simple terms, the port technology is 25-100 micron size, round the whole rate of not less than 93%, transparency is not less than 95% transparent white reflective bead neatly laying in the special reflective layer, to achieve functional reflection of external light at night. It is reported that the reflective rate can reach 1.52-2.2 n.d., such high refractive rate can achieve external light in the s Cheap air jordans for sale pecial reflective layer of highly focused, and then to light and not dazzling light reflection to the light source. with micro metrology is the core element of the particle optical reflective technology in fact, through the uniform and regular reflective bead array, port technology to in the realization of strong reflection effect at the same time to avoid glare. This is like the difference between car headlights on full beam and dipped beam. At the same time, due to the focused reflection principle, reflective coating will only will reflect light into a light - which means that if you ride at n cheap jordans for sale ight, only the car lights straight you will see frame of reflective, and around the passers-by and not by random light interference. PORT in application of the bicycle, can effectively improve the people at night riding safety, reduce the concerns of people riding at night and help riders to achieve full time riding. across the board application of UCC, PORT product matrix in the safety of riding PORT UCC in 2016 the main push is one of the most important products improved technology, this technology is also following the ISS after the shock on the fork, HCM line pipes are integrated technology, Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping PF86/BB89 pressing shaft, OST conical tube, PM hide brake, DB double pump tube, SPF pressure molding bicycle products technology and a UCC pioneered techniques. It is reported that, UCC will be in all 2016 models of all the new car frame on the PORT technology, which makes it become the world's first across the board application of reflective coating of the bike brand. applied the PORT technology Demandt 3 in the dark still shines dazzling PORT technology is of great significance, UCC a product person in charge when it comes to PORT technology is also called "disruptive technology", also said: "a Retro jordans for sale nd"love red? The double AJ 5 is definitely a must buy options! Air Jordan 5 Red Suede release date is determined! To make shoes full of red suede, with black Jumpman Logo, reflecting the tongue details, and black shark tooth pattern painting and ice blue transparent outsole, still so handsome! could not help but make up the brain Joe and Rukawa Kaede on flying feet appear in the game! The shoes will be officially launched in July 1st, and $190 on each retail store. has a pair of shoes Nike Cortez Be True rainbow, absolutely eye-catching! a pair of sports shoes is the coolest part of the to cheap foamposites ngue and shoelaces, this situation is rare! However, due to the cutting edge Nike stood proudly in the LGBTQ group the pursuit of Equality Movement, this happened in Cortez shoes on. The new Nike Cortez Be True shoe will act as a Nike 2017 "Be True" series for sale. as mentioned above, most notably Nike Cortez Be True is the tongue of the rainbow elements. A rainbow on the tongue, in addition to more visual enjoyment, also created a variety of possible and fun lacing method. The brand also provides 7 different colors with the "Be True" shoe buckle. The whole shoes in black and white, nylon uppe Retro jordans for sale r to high-grade suede details, black tail Swoosh and heel stick and shading in road echoes, or the familiar love classic! KXIV to create a "nest" for the Adidas UltraBOOST custom color from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Main Stadium "bird's nest" inspiration, brought this pair of "bird's nest" custom color designer KXIV Adidas recently UltraBOOST. Based on " Triple Black", KXIV will wear into polyurethane Lycra, which create a unique line in the upper "bird's nest" - like, then the complicated lacing system to further strengthen the visual effect. While the blue lining is taken from the side Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping of the national swimming center". Such a pair of unique design shoes is really wanted to wear to the minute pose! Air Max 1 Jewel engraved shoes regression date was born in 1996 1 the Air Max Jewel Diamond and Rare Black with two pairs of Ruby color regression, is not looking forward to it! The classic Air Max 1 uses a minimalist white leather shoe body building, equipped with white cushion in the bottom, and both sides of embellishment on the gem of black and red mini Swoosh is the biggest highlight of the shoes. 〉 white shoes do not need good repeated arguments, because it is alread cheap jordans online y accepted fact. So today we do not talk of white shoes, chat this spring and summer thing - if you don't wear white shoes, what do we have more choice of cock fried days. shoes in the vast sea, everyone can find their own style of exclusive. So this season as a few fashion week we see are white shoes, and become in many trendsetter it is hard to see the same two pairs of shoes. However, big hair piercing eye still see the leader. 1, VANS old skoolAlthough VANS has not been quiet, but compared with the heat this year is not it. It may just slide off before the standard, so this year we can say that it is already a fashion customer heart thing. VANS is the most classic black and white color of the old skool is a regular beat in the street. But it is not what style, whether you want the most pure street style, or is the most simple daily dress, it is no problem. also, it has no age limit, no special cool pattern or exaggerated profile, is the most classic appearance, the most popular color. 2, CONVERSE all star and VANS, how can miss another big canvas shoes - converse. Not to take it out, although a few years ago converse was somewhat tepid, but this is really pick up. also is the most classic, the most popular all star, regardless of high or low for help, or a variety of colors, are the influx of people wearing. Because a lot of color choices, so even if everyone is wearing all star you are not easy to hit the shoes and others. 3, Air Jordan 1 AJ series a lot, but compared to other two, it looks more delicate, seem less functional, so the collocation style also more. engraved classic, which has black and white red color most attention. 4, Reebok pump supremeVETEMENTS and Reebok bring together the French fashion brand Supreme shoes Pump, William Chan and IG are 6 t in drying the shoes made shoes were fascinated. as a classic PUMP technology for the origin of the new REEBOK PUMP SUPREME in shoes design using a pedal design very accord with Slip-On nowadays "high street" aesthetics. And the PUMP button and the airbag inflatable be reconstituted, making the shoes more streamlined the aesthetic characteristics of the overall impression. The shoe body is also equipped with a new Fit Sle〉Black Patent Leather Black collocation net cloth, white bottom black collocation soles, lining and air LOGO and also used white dotted details. related information: